The Pig That Therefore I Am di Miru Kim

è un giovane di New York che si è cimentato principalmente nella sua carriera con il territorio urbano delle grandi città, nell’ultimo suo lavoro approfondisce invece la straordinaria vicinanza che lega l’uomo al maiale. Queste le sue parole in merito:

As I got older, I learned that pigs were strikingly similar to humans in their physiology. In some ways, pigs are anatomically closer to humans than non-human primates. As such, they are commonly used as specimens in laboratory classes for premedical students like myself back in college years. I remember peeling away carefully with forceps, scalpel, and scissors, the integument of a fetal . Layer by layer, I got to the abdominal cavity. When it was finally cut open, I saw an elaborate cluster of organs arranged in a way almost identical to what I’d seen in human anatomy books. Pigs–the animals we call greedy, lazy, and unclean–have long been chosen as the prime potential non-human suppliers of organs like kidneys, hearts, and livers to humans.

Approfondimento : Miru Kim

Curioso ma pigro fluttuo per la rete cercando diversivi dallo sgranocchiare bambù.

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